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My infinity

Published February 5, 2016 by Smalltownbarbie

I’m here. I exist. I was made, with purpose.
I love
Love hurts
Hurt strengthens
Strength empowers
Power wins
Winners succeed
Success attracts
Attraction grows
Growth evolves
Evolution educates
Education heals
I am here
I love.


True beauty

Published February 2, 2016 by Smalltownbarbie

This is from my days as an Estee Lauder Glamour Girl finalist in 2012. Looking at what I wrote 4!  years ago😨( hard to believe) I remember writing every single word,and the feelings and thoughts they came from.I still feel that.#truebeauty

Diamond in the rough

Published January 7, 2016 by Smalltownbarbie

Pick me up.
From the rough.
Polish me up.
I’m good enough.
Please don’t step on, or forget me.
I fear that you’d forget where you left me.
I wasn’t born here, you see.
I was once a queen.
Yes me!
The woman you pretend not to see.
I was once a queen!
My castle was built of hopes and dreams.
Then you came along, my noble knight it seemed.
And before I knew it, you where my everything.
I gave up my reign for a diamond ring.

Imangination 2014-09-03

Published January 6, 2016 by Smalltownbarbie

rainbow rain by barbie

Your a mirage
An oasis
A figment of my imagination
I build you up in clouded skies
A soft white castle of beautiful lies
A rainbows sky on a sunny day
Bare feet in the grass of a dewy valley
A sweet mix of all flavours at Wakaberry’s
Topped with fudge, Oreos, sprinkles and cherries
Like laying on a long stretch of beach
With my feet in the sea
And a cool summer breeze
Like a late night daydream, so good it keeps me from my sleep
Like the long stemmed Lilly’s in my lounge
Like music
Like dance
Like losing control
Your a creation of what I dream with my soul
Oh I dream you perfectly
Your a figment of my imagination
An oasis
A mirage

First step

Published December 27, 2015 by Smalltownbarbie

My mind knows.
My heart it follows.
So why is it that
I let fear hold me back.
Can’t figure out what comes next.
How to take that first step.

The pursuit of love they say.
Don’t let fear stand in your way.
Although I know this is true.
To me, it’s still taboo.

If only I knew the feeling.
I could believe it.
Convince myself that I am worth it.

Instead I tell myself everyday.
That where I am now is still okay.

Am I split in two?
Am I two different people?
How can I want so much
But give myself so little.

As I lay down to rest.
Forget about I’ll try my best.

Theres only one way to move forward.
That’s to take the first step toward it.


Published December 7, 2015 by Smalltownbarbie

I’m afraid.
Afraid of falling on my face.
Afraid of standing tall and making my voice heard.
Afraid of giving my all, putting it all in.
‘Cause what if I fall and get hurt.
I can’t stand that tall, ’cause what I stand on is not all that strong.
Where does this fear come from?
Who took my courage from me?
I don’t know, I don’t know…
What scared me into silence.
But I’m afraid.
Afraid of being great.
Afraid of standing out.
See not many people know what I’m all about.
I’ve always given them what they wanted to see.
So much so, that it’s terrifying just being me.
Where does this fear come from?
Who took my courage from me?
I don’t know, I don’t know…
What scared me into hiding.
But I’m afraid.
Afraid of how much I love.
Afraid that they might not love me.
Afraid of a broken heart.
But how can that be, if no ones broken by heart before.
What am I holding my breath for?
Where does this fear come from?
Who took my courage from me?
I don’t know, I don’t know…
What scared me into these walls.
We live in an age of fearlessness
Be bold! Stand tall! Speak your truth!
Everyone says it.
Yet I’m afraid.
But I know, I know…
This fear comes from a lack of me.
A lack of understanding what I can be.
A little mistrust and disbelieve.
A lack of self can be the biggest thieve.
And my courage, I found inside of me.
In everything I aim to be.
Fear just likes to hide it from me.
But every single time I’m afraid.
There it is, centre stage.
And as I learn myself from scratch.
Embrace and love the original me. It might take years, it might take a lifetime.
But I’ll no longer fear me.
I’m afraid but I’m not fearful.
I’m courageous.