I’m not fit, I’m fine!

Published February 18, 2016 by Smalltownbarbie

Everywhere I look these days,it’s all about “fitness”. As ironclad glutes and rock hard abs are celebrated, it’s easy to feel intimidated. I’ve been into working-out most of my life,because I enjoy it:(, and to stay in shape, and of course for that healthy, fit feeling. But it’s all been taken to a whole new level. Ladies squatting hard for a bigger booty than the next,🙈I’ve been squatting for years just trying to keep mine in shape😄. Truth is everybody is different, some of us just don’t build muscle easily, I fall under that some🙋. I’m jiggly, have strechies,🙈 and cellulite. And I honestly feel its my right as a woman to take proud ownership of all of that. I of course didn’t always feel this way. I remember at around the age of nine staring at my thighs and wondering why they were so BIG, compared to the rest of my skinny self. Being under the impression that my mom knew EVERYTHING! I naturally went to her for the answer.Mom in her infinite wisdom, then very nonchalantly informed me that I indeed had her big thighs, that it runs in the family, and that I would always have them. Obviously not realising the effect of her words on me. I made a silent vow that day that I shall indeed one day have skinny thighs…Ja,mom was right😩

But I did grow into those thighs, and the bigger-than-desired bum that followed.By learning to love my shape, and even the way I carry it.
I’ve always gotten alot of attention and been complimented for my body, but that just made me even more aware and embarrassed of my flaws. Now, I’m petite, have never been wildly out of shape, and yet I remember a time I wouldn’t allow myself to be caught dead in certain hip hugging outfits. I even remember being told, or ‘advised’ of how unflattering I looked in certain things, or how ‘too big’ my bum or thighs were.And I’m sure I’ve  been guilty of giving the same kind of advice. Ooh and white! I dared not wear white, not with these hips. White reveals to much!:D
Looking back this was all such rubbish! We had beautiful young bodies.

All I know is there was a time everyone wanted big boobs, then everyone wanted small-Keira Knightley style-boobs. Before Jlo, big bums were taboo, after, they were acceptable. Then came Kim K with her curves, and now that’s celebrated. Now everyone wants the tiniest waist possible-six pack n all, with the biggest butt(and you beware if that thing jiggles to much!! 👈😒) Don’t even get me started on the ‘perfect’ look make up trends. Everyone’s just looking to ‘on fleek’ these days.:mrgreen: Over the fleek, we like to say. But that’s a story for another blog.

If you’re into the super toned, super fitness thing that’s really great. If you’re naturally lean or muscularly built, embrace it. If you’re  hourglass shaped with a tiny waist and big hips, 👏 your “in” right now. But let us not force our bodies to change, for the sake of what’s “sexy” now. I think I’m sexy, I think I’d be more ‘socially sexy’ if my bum was tighter and my thighs firmer, and definitely with some more calf work. I know my ‘in-need-of-work’ areas, and I’ll work on them at my own pace, or I might not, depending on my mood. In fact, have been working actually, I just skip a few weeks some days.
I might not be “FIT” according to the standards right now, but I’m SEXY! anyway.💅

P.s. To help with the appearance of strechmarks and cellulite😆 Faithful to Nature



Footnote: I may have fabricated,  terms, and well, better suited words, as I went along. For any explanations feel free to contact me via comment box ⬇⬇⬇.


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