Natural Beauty

Published February 3, 2016 by Smalltownbarbie

I’ve been on this earth a good couple of years, and I’ve gotten to know myself quite well holistically. Which to me is something rather important. I find that being in touch with who we really are gives us better insight on how to take care of ourselves.In taking care of my body and skin, I’ve learned that I am most drawn to mother nature’s selection of beauty products. Although there are many well known trusted products that I love, I always find myself turning to my kitchen to try out new and exciting beauty “recipes “. An old boyfriend used to say I “waste nothing!”, as he’d often find me eating an avo while also having it plastered all over my face, or drinking a banana smoothy with most of it in my hair. Funny thing, I actually discovered a delicious banana smoothie recipe while concocting a nourishing hairmask. I’m not a fan of bananas, but knowing how healthy it is,that helps. From bananas, to tomato, potato, mieliemeel, pinapple, lemon, milk,  certain spices, coconut water, coconut oil! I am a true fan of the great, the famous, coconut oil! and equally of its amazing peers olive-, almond-,  and castor oil《Castor oil is amazing! 😮 I’ve recently discovered the amazingness that is castor oil! And I’m hooked 》 I love my essential oils. I love oils..I in fact am so in love with all things natural and wholesome that I’ve started mixing my own body oils and gifting them to loved ones. And they all love it. Although store bought, reputable products are great, it can never hurt to try bit of home cooked natural goodness.Try Faithful to Nature  they’ve got a great variety of natural products, easily ordered online. I love my skin and I love taking care of it. And after 30 years, I don’t think I’ve done too badly. 😆😆😆



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