Peace Love Unity Respect

Published January 22, 2016 by Smalltownbarbie


In the midst of all the anger and hatred currently flying around South Africa, I am silently taking my stance, silence. It is of no benefit to anyone having more souls involved in this “war” of races,beliefs,classes and clicks. Each one offering their 5c and possibly offending the next. It is rather clear to me that getting involved in an emotionally charged battle doesn’t bring any PEACE in an angry situation. I do however believe that I have an important part to play. My responsibility is to live in consideration of others. To look at my neighbour with empathy. To listen to understand. And to speak from a place of LOVE. We all  have people we don’t particularly like(sugarcoat), but we all exist out of love, so let’s not let dislike, anger, lack of understanding or even ignorance keep us from this most natural thing. It honestly breaks my heart to see how hateful people can be towards each other, it even angers me. But imagine if I had to respond with that anger, adding wood to the fire. I am a strong believer in justness, but sometimes it’s better to just step back, and try to understand the next person’s circumstance,something I took a while to learn. Cos after all, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, right. My point is we’re all different, and I’m never gonna see something the way you see it. That’s called uniqueness(For the purpose of not embarrassing myself,I hope). We don’t have to be the same to UNITE. In teendeel, that’s what makes UNITY exciting. Well this is just my opinion, RESPECT it. I respect yours, I might not agree with it, might try to change it😋 but I’ll respect it.

Greetings Earthlings


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