First step

Published December 27, 2015 by Smalltownbarbie

My mind knows.
My heart it follows.
So why is it that
I let fear hold me back.
Can’t figure out what comes next.
How to take that first step.

The pursuit of love they say.
Don’t let fear stand in your way.
Although I know this is true.
To me, it’s still taboo.

If only I knew the feeling.
I could believe it.
Convince myself that I am worth it.

Instead I tell myself everyday.
That where I am now is still okay.

Am I split in two?
Am I two different people?
How can I want so much
But give myself so little.

As I lay down to rest.
Forget about I’ll try my best.

Theres only one way to move forward.
That’s to take the first step toward it.


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