2012 running out

Published August 23, 2012 by Smalltownbarbie

So we’re well pass the halfway mark of this year.It all happened sooo soon! 0_o
I must say though that this year has been one of quite many happenings in my life,some really good and some straight heartbreaking.First I was selected as a Estee Lauder Glamour Girl finalist,which was mind blowing,and a beautiful experience.For the first time in very long I was really proud of myself.Then I was blessed enough to be in my hometown,Vredenburg and decided to have a family day on my birthday(1st April;)..yes I am an april FOOL.I know this might not seem like much,but I’m away from home most of the time, and it really meant alot to me.Then another big event took place, unfortunately this was a sad one,I lost one of my very best friends.Someone I will always miss.
As the last few months flew us into august I yet again got good news.I’m soon to start a new job,finally got a promotion.And…before I forget…I made it through to the interview phase of the TopModelWorldWide competition!o_o Really? WoW! I’m blessed.


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