Memory Lane

Published April 24, 2012 by Smalltownbarbie

So! this is my first blog..And as I write this I think back to when I first moved to jozi,and started working.On my first day at work I wasi ntroduced t a gentleman,who later that day gave me  lift home.And on our way he became officially my first jozi-friend.With his crazy humour and happy chappy attitude,he crept into my heart,and we became virtually inseparable.Of course over the years  that changed some,as we both continued on our own paths.But if ever i needed a good talk,or great laugh,all Id have to do was dail his number.The pop in visits from him always made my day.

Yesterday I was informed that he had passed away.Its with a broken heart that I have to keep reminding myself that I will never receive a random call from him again, or be able to hug him again.Though  with every thought of him I cannot help but smile or LAUGH,because that’s what he brought to my life.

So I dedicate this blog to you my friend,I will  always remember you


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